August Caleb

The Birth Story

 I finally wrote down August's birth story. Part of the reason I wrote it down is just for remember, to perserve the memory. But I've also decided to share it on my blog for those who are interested. 

I know that birth stories were very meaningful for me to read before I got pregnant and during pregnancy (and still are!) so I don't want to take that opportunity away for those who find meaning in sharing stories. Why blogging is popular has something to do with sharing human experiences, and this is just one is one of those big universal experiences (at least for women who want to be mothers). It plays out differently for different people. Every story is unique. And all your emotions and reactions, those are unique too. It's not suppose to be a cookie-cutter experience that you can tie a bow on top of. It's paradoxically painful and joyful on varying levels for every parent, family, and loved one. 

So whether you are trying to mentally prepare yourself for all the possibilities your own future might hold, want to see how other women's experiences compare to yours, or just love sharing stories---thanks for reading about mine. 

I know that it's not everyone's cup of tea, so I hope that if it's not your thing you will just skip over it without too much annoyance at me for publicly sharing it. 

It ended up being a somewhat long story so I broke it into five easier-to-digest bites.

August's Birth Story: Part I
August's Birth Story: Part II
August's Birth Story: Part III
August's Birth Story: Part IV (The Part Where I Almost Die)
August's Birth Story: Conclusion

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