Trimester Three


My mind is absolutely absorbed by "baby-stuff" lately. I never intended this blog to morph into a pregnancy/baby only space, but as time ticks down, preparing for the baby is consuming my thoughts more and more. Now that work has settled back into a normal pace and I have time to think, I'm definitely starting to get into "nesting mode."

I've chosen a "theme" for the nursery and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm keeping it hush hush so no one steals the idea ;) but I will post pictures once it's complete. I'm all registered for all the necessities. I'm finding steals on craigslist for essential baby items. Baby shower plans are in the works.

I am now in the third trimester. Less than three months to go and doctors appointments every two weeks from this point on. Time is moving by so quickly.

So in the interest of preparation, I thought it would be fun to see what all of you veteran moms and new moms think about some of the things you can do to get ready. I know I'll never be "ready" but nesting and prepping seem to be an important part of a first time moms experience. I'm hoping to focus on the stuff that will actually be helpful (or at least make me feel more calm going into it even if it won't be truly applicable).

What do you think about...

- Classes -
Birthing, breast feeding or otherwise. Did you take them? Would you recommend them? Helpful? Harmful? I know at the very least I want to do a hospital tour to get an idea of where to go and what the experience will be like. This is baby #1 after all!

- Reading Birth Stories -
I've always loved reading birth stories on blogs. They make me feel ready for all sorts of scenarios and more calm about the fact that no matter how things go, in the end it's all about having a healthy baby. But the closer I get to my due date, the more real the stories feel. Is it better to avoid them and go in with no expectations?

- Reading Baby Books -
Are they helpful? Should I be reading about birth, breast feeding, or taking care of baby after birth? What books are helpful versus harmful? (I already got a few recommendations on my post for book recommendations a few weeks ago).

- Birth Plans -
I'd like to have a birth plan but do doctors/nurses even look at it or abide by them? The stories I've heard seem to indicate that they usually don't mean a whole lot. Whatever happens, happens. Is it worth it to try?

- Nesting -
Nesting seems important for first time moms. If for no other reason than just feeling like you're doing something to get ready. I'm hoping we find a new apartment with enough time for me to put together a nursery. But what are other ways to "nest" and what were your favorite things you did to get ready? (IE decorating the nursery, putting together a book collection etc).

- Resting -
Should be sleeping and relaxing as much as possible? Or should I combat my normal laziness and start trying to get used to being productive in my down time? I DO want to get a maternity massage. I've heard good things about those...

I love hearing your thoughts! Let me know what you think! How did you get ready for baby?


  1. Oh! I'm so glad you posted this. I can't wait to read the responses - these are questions I need answers to as well.

    My husband got me a gift certificate for a maternity massage for Mother's Day, which I plan to use sometime in my third trimester. People rave about them!

  2. Congratulations on the third trimester! This is the victory level!!! ;)

    I've never taken any classes because I feel like some of them are silly. I try to just be faithful and trust in the Lord to prepare me and my body under whatever birthing circumstances come my way.
    That's just my stance on it, but I think for a first time mom classes certainly wouldn't hurt and would actually be fun!

    I did find that I was so under informed on breastfeeding with my first. I had so much trouble with her but through a lactation consultant and persistence after 5 weeks we finally got the hang of it. So that may be something you want to read up on if you're interested.

  3. Rest!! Rest, rest, rest, rest, rest. Oh did I mention rest?!! :) I feel like a few basic classes were helpful for me and my husband, but honestly it seems like births (especially the first) never go as planned! Not that you shouldn't have a plan...just maybe not a dogmatic plan :) just don't forget to rest!! :)

  4. I found the class to be at least somewhat helpful, mostly b/c it was at the hospital I was using and I was able to learn a lot about their specific practices and what to expect there (and it included a tour). I also took a breastfeeding class that was moderately helpful. The main things with the classes were it gave me an overall general idea of things to expect and scenarios that could happen. (The breathing coaching from the class was helpful and what got me thru)
    Depends on the Dr as far as the birth plan. We had one, and they mostly went with it until my labor got to a point we had to consider other options. Def make a plan, discuss w/your doc, but be willing to be flexible. No matter how dead set you are on something, you just can't know until you're the one in the bed laboring.
    Birth stories, depends on you. I personally didn't really care either way. I learned to let them go in one ear and out the other, knowing that people tend to get really dramatic w/such an exciting story and that most would be exaggerated to some degree...

    Baby books can be helpful. I wish I'd done some reading before hand so I'd have been a bit better prepared in the first few weeks when I didn't have time to read. The most helpful for me was What to Expect the First Year - practical, down to earth, researched advice on a wide variety of topics. I referenced it ALL THE TIME thru the first year! (My first couple weeks would've gone a lot easier had I read the first chapter ahead, it answered all the questions we had, but we didn't get it until several weeks after the birth...)

    Nesting involved setting up the nursery, sorting the clothes, and rearranging it all at least once a week. ;)

    Rest, rest, rest, and rest some more! Your body has a huge job coming up (not to mention all the work currently happening inside!), and you'll fair better if you're well rested. As long as there is a bed for the baby and a few clean blankets/outfits, nothing else matters! :)