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Emotional Havoc: Rescuing the Helpless
Fair Trade Frustrations
Human Trafficking

Plus, find lots of fair trade companies in this post and read about my feelings on holiday spending habits by reading this post or watching this video.

Health & Nutrition


I also write a lot of about God, design, the arts, etc. Here are a couple favorite topics:

Bullying the Bully
Lets talk about politics...
The Vaccine Debate
Top 7 Worst Actors in Hollywood
Rant: Elitsim in Literature
I. Am. Hollywood.
Cool Hand Luke (The Band)

Guest Posts

Guest Post: Mandy from She Breathes Deeply
Post by Mandy of She Breathes Deeply about how your identity changes in motherhood.

Guest Post: Deanna from Delirious Rhapsody
An open letter to husbands of new moms everywhere.

Guest Post: heatherlydee
Post by Heather of heatherlydee about being a singleness & relying on God

Guest Post: Real Indiana Housewife
Post by Jacqueline of Real Indiana Housewife with advice to future mothers

Guest Post: John Paul
Post by my husband John Paul on our first year of marriage


My husbands thoughts on the first year of marriage

My thoughts on our first year of marriage