Guest Post: Deanna from Delirious Rhapsody


An open letter to husbands of new moms everywhere,

Hi honey! Thanks for putting up with me for the last nine months. No. Really. It couldn't have been easy. Multiple mood swings, the weirdest cravings, oh, and let's not forget the weird noises and smells my body has been making lately. To stick around for the past nine months really does mean true love. 

But hey, it hasn't been all stretch pants and extra pieces of cake for me either! I'm gaining weight at an alarming speed, and my body will never be the same again. I'm doing this for your child. Because I love you. It's tiring. It's nauseating. It's oh, so very emotional. And I have absolutely no control over any of it. Do you think I wanted to cry during that Arby's commercial? Do you think I enjoy complete strangers touching my belly and quizzing me? 

I've just gone through labor and squeezed the equivalent of a bowling ball out the eye of a needle. You held my hand, pushed my sweaty hair out of my eyes, all while telling me I was 'doing great.' Oh, I know you were trying to make me feel better, but at the time, I kind of just wanted to punch you in the face. (No offense. Because I do sympathize a bit for you right now. You just saw a whole new part of me that you never imagined. Let's hope that with time, that monstrous memory of my stretching orifice will fade. It's probably the last thing you see before you fall asleep at night. And for that, you have my sincerest apologies.)

Now we're home with our newborn, riding on that new parent high. But that high will wear off eventually. And we'll be left facing reality. Are we ready for this? Sure! Parenting is a natural thing, but that doesn't mean that it will come easy. There will be times when I'll feel like you won't get it. I'll get lonely and angry, and in the back of my mind I will feel like you aren't pulling your fair share of weight. Why do you get to go to work and have adult conversations while I am stuck at home with this screaming blob? I will be sleep deprived and in desperate need of a shower. When you come from work, you will find me passed out on the couch, crusted breast milk on my shirt, with a puddle of drool oozing out the side of my mouth. It is your job to (hold your breath) and embrace me in a big hug, while telling me that I've never looked more beautiful. 

Welcome to our new world now! Throw those dreams of spontaneity out the window for the time being, and embrace the here and now. At times it's draining (and straining on a relationship,) but this is life now. And it's so much more amazing then you could have ever dreamed. 

Your Wife

I'm Deanna, a stay at home mama of two little boys. I blog over at delirious rhapsody. It's my little corner of the web where I try my best to maintain what's left of my sanity. If you have an appreciation for sarcasm and witty humor, stop by and say hello! Thanks for letting me take over your blog, Noelle! (And good luck with the baby!)

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  1. thanks for letting me guest post! i really love the new look natalie set up for you. :)