Tattoo Placement


I am a big fan of tattoos. I'm picky about them (I've got opinions on classy vs. tacky) but in general I've always been a fan. Personally I have 3, or 2 depending on how you look at it. I also have dreams for 1 or 2 more but since John Paul's not a huge fan and they're expensive they haven't become a reality...yet...

Today I realized that I don't like leg tattoos. Specifically the thigh area. I've just never seen tattoos here that didn't look trashy or out of place. I saw a girl today in a bathing suit with some rather large thigh tattoos and made a mental note to never get tattoos on my thighs (they get all saggy as you age anyway, what's the point?).

That being said, I know that I'm totally being judgmental and just because I haven't seen any that I like doesn't mean that they do not exist. If you have them, maybe yours are awesome? At the end of the day it's a personal expression so if you're happy with your tattoos that is all that really matters. You can't get tattoos and care what everyone else things about them because there will always be people who just don't like tattoos.

I'd like to be proven wrong about the leg tattoo thing, but I've just yet to see any that I liked at this point. So, prove me wrong people. What do you think about leg tattoos? And if you've seen good ones, share some pictures with me! (I mean hey, what is pinterest for if not to creep on leg tattoos?)

In the meantime, here are a few of my recent favorites:

(Tattoos that look real or like art but not like a comic strip)
(Words and Placement)


  1. I agree with you about the leg tattoos. Everyone that I have seen just doesn't look right. The art work can be very unique and different but still doesn't look right to me. I do like ankle and foot tattoos. I really like the first picture you posted with the birds. Very pretty. :)

  2. I'm a fan of tattoos, I have two and I think that its a very personal decision and one that should be taken seriously. I don't like thigh tattoos, like you I've never seen one that looks good. I think of Cheryl Cole and remember never to go there. Both of my tattoos are in places that can be covered over. Great post xx

  3. I haven't seen too many high leg tats that I like (thigh), but i have one on the back of my ankle/calf have you seen it?
    i am going to get a mature fern sometime soon... maybe for christmas. they are definitely expensive but when it's something you "wear" your whole life, i guess it's not THAT expensive if we think of it. Also- I'm sure you know of a good place but I love the Underground in Olean, it was the best place I've gone by far. They did my feather.

  4. Kaylan - I like ankle tattoos and calf is also fine if done tastefully. Yours is cute! And I love your feather! I'm actually glad you recommended that place because I haven't been able to get any good recommendations for up here, I got all mine done in NC.

    Sarah - I saw a thigh tattoo recently that was very pretty but I still didn't feel like it looked good because it was out of place. I love ankle tattoos tho! I have one!


  6. that top picture with the tattoo on the collar bone is me.. :)