37 Week Update


Update: Had my 37 week doctors appointment this morning. Babies head is down (thankfully! didn't want the stress of breech decisions) but not much else is happening yet. He's in position and should make his appearance in the next 3 weeks. They'll do a sonogram in two weeks to see where things are at and decide how long they'll let me go at that point before inducing. I'm trying to be very flexible about things and focus on getting him here safely but I'd really like to not be induced if possible so here's hoping he comes on his own within the next 3 weeks! THREE WEEKS! Can you believe it?

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  1. I know views like this can seem pushy, but no one can force you into an induction. Of course, there are medical reasons to have one, but most of the time, they aren't truly necessary. Please research and know your options! Sorry to be "that person," but women being in charge of their birth experience is something I am really passionate about.