36 1/2 Weeks: Verrrry Pregnant


Sorry bout the blurry bump picture. I've been lazy with pictures, but you kind of have to have a visual for this update. I'm getting into the "omg you must be about to pop" range of comments and looking in the mirror thinking "holy cow when did that happen!"

Less than a month to go until this baby comes yall. Doctor's appointments once a week from here on out. Oh, and I'm done decorating the nursery and will be sharing pictures soon. :)

I think the survey I've been using for updates is getting irrelevant so I'm just going to share my own update with you.

Overall I think my pregnancy has been pretty good and that I've been pretty lucky. Low risk, low maintenance. I'd definitely (will definitely) do it again, though hopefully not for a little while.

Yes, overall it's been a positive experience...but I am so over being pregnant. I just want my body to feel normal again. I want to be able to sleep on my stomach, bend over, run, not wake up with numb hands, paint my toe nails and generally just not feel uncomfortable 24/7.

Yet simultaneously I'm not sure if I'm really ready for that the end of pregnancy means: having another human being to be responsible for.

It's kind of terrifying isn't it? Though I've had people who depended on me or things I've been responsible for, up until this point I've really only truly been responsible for myself. Now someone else is going to depend on me completely for their survival and well-being.

Don't get me wrong, I was aware this was coming. It just snuck up on me so fast!

I believe it is a very important transition in my life. Maybe not everyone is meant to have children, but I think having kids is one of the most pertinent ways God matures us and helps us become less selfish, more whole people in this life. I think knowing that, I have the appropriate blend of optimism and terror.

Ready or not (whose ever really ready?), he's coming! Soon! I'm nervous but pretty excited to finally meet him.

My new and improved survey/update:

What I'm thankful for: Support from loved ones, hand-me-downs, great bosses who are working with me to get everything ready, having our own place again, having air conditioning at work and home, free (to me) maternity massages, and visits from my mom!

Annoying habits I have developed: Ice crunching (pretty sure my coworkers want to kill me), multiple pillow sleeping, and general laziness for things like laundry and dishes (sorry hun).

Things that are done: The birth plan, decorating the nursery, assembling the necessary baby gear, taking a baby class...

Things left to do: Finalize insurance plans, find a pediatrician, a trip or two to the store to finish getting baby supplies, packing the hospital bag...

Thing I'm most nervous about: Affording maternity leave, feeling okay going back to work after leave, talking to my doctor about my birth plan, and just the general coming together of everything that has to come together. I know it will, but it seems like so much has to work out just right.

Thing I'm most excited about: Meeting little Mr. ---Despite the moments of nervousness, I am getting excited. Oh and sharing the name. It's been tough keeping that a secret for 9 months.

Thing that has surprised me most: The birthing class we did was actually really great. It helped me get an idea of how the hospital I'm delivering at handles things and I feel a lot more at ease now having a foundation of what to expect.

When do I think he'll arrive: I've been assuming late...but who really knows. He just doesn't seem ready yet...


  1. Congrats Noelle, I have loved reading your posts. I am so excited for you. It seems like just yesterday you were 5 and I was 6 and we played at your house..highlight of my life at that age :-) You'll be fab. mom. I love how you pointed out that God uses these things to refine us and make us less selfish humans...I have thought of that when it comes my day to have a little one...a blessing and a challenge:-)

  2. Ahhh - I can't believe you are almost to the end of your pregnancy! It seems like I was just reading your announcement...

    I am 25 weeks and am already feeling the "I'm so over being pregnant" thing... I guess I better buckle in since I've got three + more months of this. Ha.

  3. Hi Noelle, love your little blog! I'm glad that your pregnancy has been going well! I had to chuckle at the "I'm going to be responsible for another human being" line........I remember thinking that when Megan was born .... 25 years ago!!!!!!!! You practice on the first one haha.... Love to all !!

    Aunt Mariane

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