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A couple days ago, we made the official announcement that we're expecting. It's still early, but it wasn't going to be kept a secret much longer. Our families and close friends have all known pretty much since we've known, and my mom was itchin' to make her own facebook announcement about grandchild #5. She's been begging me to make it public since she found out (which was like 3 days after we got a positive test).

If this is the first announcement you've heard...we're having a baby! I'm 10 weeks along and I'm due in September.

So for once, the rumors are true. So many emotions and thoughts are coursing through me, and I've been dying to share everything. Keeping everything in has been more difficult than expected. Needless to say, the amount of calls to my mother has increased exponentially. But all of that to say...

I've been planning a big overhaul for my blog for a few months now. It's scheduled to take place at the beginning of March. I'm changing up the whole look and doing some fun things to celebrate all the changes of late. I have a lot of posts in mind that have to do with this new journey we're on. Remember when I mentioned I knew this year was going to be life-changing in this post...yeah I was talking about becoming a mother.

But before everything changes too much, I want to get a grasp on what all this means for me and for this blog. Do I want to be labeled a "mom-blogger"? Does that fit into my original purpose for this blog? Are things even going to change that much? I want to be sure that this blog always holds meaning for me and is never changed solely to please others.

What all this change means for this blog...

Now that I'm pregnant, I know I will want to blog about that experience. In a lot of ways this blog is a diary of sorts. The great thing about mom-blogs is that you can get a lot of feedback from other parents that helps you feel less alone in the scary world of parenting. (And this is one of the biggest changes you'll ever have in life). When something happens to your body or your kid you can plead for suggestions and get advice or just find yourself feeling normal. I like that. I want to be able to participate in the conversation.

But I also don't want to ostracize my friends that are not in that place in life and who are kind enough to read my thoughts. I'm thinking mostly about my single and male friends who probably do not want to see me publicly writing about breast feedings or labor & delivery. Which is totally understandable.

So how do I balance this? To be honest I've found that my marriage and baby posts are the ones that get the most response. I figure that's because those things are relevant for a lot of people. We're just getting to that age where these are the big life changes we're all experiencing. These are the tangible everyday things that affect us on a daily basis. As much as I love a good article about something heavy on my mind, the encouragement that comes from just reading about others experience with the same day to day stuff I'm going through really is just as (maybe even more) encouraging.

So, I can't promise I won't occasionally post something "heavy" about a serious issue, politics, or life. I also can't promise that I won't post about breast feeding. Seeing as I have no experience in the area, I might need some guidance.

My hope is that you will stick with me and sort through to find the things that are relevant to you. Whether you read to keep up with my life or read it because you're interested in some of the same issues...I hope you'll just skip over the things you aren't interested in and stay on the journey with me through the rest.

I appreciate all of you reading and sharing with me. Most of you are dear friends and it's nice to feel like some of the chaos going on in my head gets out in a coherent way that resonates with a few people.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am so excited for you guys! I haven't seen you in years & am not at all close to where you are in your life experiences, but reading your blog (as well as "mom blogs") is reassuring to me in a sense. It gives me hope & helps me develop the picture of what I want my life to look like; what I have to look forward to. I can't wait to see how the blog takes shape!!

  2. Thanks. :) Yeah, mom/pregnancy blogs have been a favorite of mine even before we were ready to start a family. I just found them super encouraging and they helped me feel more prepared knowing that phase was coming!

  3. If you tried to 'not' blog about it I think you'd be disappointed in yourself! And honestly you might find that you don't NEED to blog about it all the time, you are still your own person and have other things that interest you too. I feel like I have blogged about it quite a bit but maybe not as much as I expected I would. So excited for you Noelle!