Untraditional: Baby Showers


I'm going to do a few posts labelled "untraditional" because I think that it's a-okay to do things the way that works for you or in a way that you'll enjoy rather than the way it's "suppose" to be done.

A prime example of this is "milestone events". Graduation, weddings, baby showers---there always seems to be a lot of expectation and etiquette doesn't there? Our wedding was fairly traditional and I still got quite a few "well I've never heard of that before"'s from my mom about the things we did that weren't so traditional.

But cmon, doing things less than traditional or very unique is getting more and more popular. Sure your grandmother may fuss a little and your mom might be disappointed that you didn't play any shower games, but at the end of the day people are embracing the messiness of life and doing things the way that works best for them...without shame! Whether it be planning a wedding, untraditional living situations, or how you celebrate the birth of your child---doing what works for you and not feeling like you have to please or impress anyone else...that's the way to go. You'll end up with a much less stressful, happier life and honestly...there is no "right way" anymore.

So today the subject is baby showers. I'm from NC originally, and since this is baby #1, I'll be having two baby showers---one in NC and one in NY. The one in NC is coming up soon! My mom and I decided to go somewhat untraditional on this one since most of my childhood friends have moved out of the area at this point. We're going to have a very laid back lunch out at a restaurant with a few family and close friends. "Low key" if you will.

Here are some other untraditional shower ideas I've heard of recently:

- The Long Distance Baby Shower

Family and friends living far away seems to be a fairly common problem. Have you heard of the long distance shower before? Basically the mom-to-be is sent a "baby shower" package from her close friends or a family member. It contains decorations, etc. for her to set up on the day of the shower. Then all the attendees of the "shower" get together via skype, facetime, or google+ . Gifts are mailed ahead of time and then opened live with everyone.

This sounds a little hard to pull off and maybe too impersonal for some, but for a laid back person who just wants to share the moment with friends that are far away...I really like the idea!

There's a lot of potential for possible things that could be done (sending favors to friends), games, etc.

- The Tiny Shower

Tiny food, tiny gifts, tiny everything. It's more amusing than a barrel of monkeys.

- The Dinner/Lunch Out Shower

Instead of having a big party, some are opting to go out with just a few close friends or family for dinner or lunch. Presents can still be brought and opened at the the restaurant but it makes for a very low key stress-free celebration.

- The Social Outing Shower

A step further from the dinner or lunch out is having an actual outing/activity in lue of a traditional baby shower. Laser tag, bowling, putt-putt, a beach trip, whatever tickles your fancy. It plays out more like a birthday party with gifts for the baby instead of you, but sounds like a fun idea to me.

- The No Games Baby Shower

Seems like a lot of ladies out there really hate baby shower games. Some "no games" type showers include barbeques/cook outs, pool parties, and co-ed showers.

- The Couples Shower (or The Co-Ed Shower)

This is done a lot of different ways but its basically like a giant group date. Men are included, games and favors are not.

- The Gender Neutral Shower

Whether or not they choose to share the gender ahead of time, some moms want to get away from the pink and blue baby showers. I've seen some really great baby showers in all sorts of colors and themes.

My NY shower will be pretty traditional and I'm totally fine with that. The important thing, I think, is doing what your heart is set on and not doing things just to appease other people or meet others expectations. That includes having games at your party if you love them and not nixing them just because you know some of your friends are not fans. They can suck it up for one day. :)

There are no rules! Babies are a wonderful thing to celebrate...how you choose to do that is up to you!

Do you do your baby shower traditional? Did you love it? Wish you'd done it another way?


  1. I love the long distance baby shower idea!

  2. I really like some of those ideas! And I think people enjoy something different anyway :)

  3. You just wait until everyone and their Mom has an opinion about how and what you should be doing with your baby. I say it's your shower, and your baby so have it your way...

  4. I think the relaxed meal out is a great idea!

  5. I had a traditional one thrown by a friend at church, a drop-in/co-ed one at work from my co-workers, a surprise one from my small group that was just basically cookies and opening gifts, and a co-ed one thrown by a friend. The traditional one had the usual games and was a lot of fun. The co-ed one we actually did some games, as well as had everyone tye-dye a onesie or t-shirt (in honor of my hippie hubby). The tye-dye thing was a hit! and Gabe had cute outfits that were special b/c they were made with love. Everyone, including the guys even got into the games and it was a total blast! (we had everyone create a play-doh baby and I had to judge, and we also did the "lose your clip if you say baby" game).
    I loved both the traditional and the others and wouldn't change a thing!! I think as long as you're surrounded by family and friends celebrating then any version will be perfect and fun. :)