Pregnancy Woes


This post is for all my friends out there who are moms, pregnant, or just really savvy about pregnancy issues.

Every pregnancy is different and so far mine has been pretty good. It's not going to sound like it in a second when I share some of my more negative side effects, but I am truly thankful for how it's gone so far. I've heard a lot of different stories. Everything from those lucky women who never really have any side effects and love being pregnant to the women who stayed nauseas, uncomfortable, sick and in pain for the 9 month+ duration.

I'll be honest. I wasn't in the best shape prior to getting pregnant. I'd put on some weight, wasn't exercising or eating as healthy as I'd have liked and since nausea is a normal symptom for me around my TOTM I was prepared for the worst when it comes to morning sickness. Prepared to have it, but in no way ready for it. I can handle pain, I can handle exhaustion, and I can handle being sick...but nausea is the one type of sick that I loathe. The few times in my life that I've had a stomach bug and thrown up I have been miserable and completely debilitated.

So here's what's going on so far. If you have any fabulous remedies that you swear by, by all means share the love!

- Morning Sickness

I've definitely been struggling with nausea and throwing up a little. But to be honest it's not as bad as I thought it would be and I'm managing it okay. I think I know everything there is to know about morning sickness and all the possible remedies at this point so I don't know that advice is really needed. I'm only 2 weeks from being into my second trimester so I think it is all starting to taper off anyway. I wonder if this extreme hunger will taper off as well?

- Stretch Marks

I'm already getting stretch marks!! Ahh! I scar easy and have sensitive skin so I'm not super surprised but I'm still dismayed because I haven't even gotten to the serious stretching yet. Any suggestions??? Who knows the best creams and remedies to prevent them!? Does anything actually work?

- Dry Skin

I don't know if this is pregnancy related or not but I have never had dry skin like I have now. Like flaking, peeling, no-amount-of-lotion-helps-and-I-use-the-good-stuff dry.

- Acne

I've never been so broken out in my life. I've always struggled a little with my skin, but this is obviously hormonal since it popped up when I got pregnant and has stuck around ever since. I know there are a lot of things you can't use on your skin when you're pregnant so I have been more or less just "dealing with it." My usual products/routine just aren't helping.

- Self-confidence

This is abstract I know, but I already feel really frumpy. Weight gain, hormonal acne, dry skin, being so tired that I skip make-up in the morning...since I'm not even to the major body changes this scares me a little bit. I'm not a really insecure person, but I just don't feel attractive right now. I hope the second trimesters energy and "glow" give me a pick me up after the last few weeks of "blah".

So those are my first trimester pregnancy woes. Not too bad, I'm pretty happy about things so far. I know each trimester will bring different challenges and different joys, but admittedly, I'm most excited about the second. I'm ready to have more energy, be past the nausea (hopefully!), and for everything to start to feel more real. The second trimester brings feeling the baby kick, a baby bump, and finding out the sex of our baby!

So if you have advice or want to warn me about something that's coming...I'd love to hear your pregnancy stories! What parts did you love? hate? which trimester was your favorite? least favorite?


  1. YES second trimester is so much better. Ugh there is nothing as bad as pregnancy nausea. I did not feel more energized and I was still nauseous through to my third trimester with my first, however like you said all the good things start happening too (movement, gender, etc) that make it feel real and less like a bad flu. It really helps your self esteem when your belly pops. You still feel unattractive and bigger than you really are, but at least people know you are PREGNANT and not just a hungry, hungry hippo. Also all the "you're so cute!" comments start and they help.
    I have no cure for stretch marks, I got them pretty early on too (even though I used vitamin e oil, coa coa butter, and anything else I could find), but rest assured, they do fade when you get back in shape.
    I also got really dry skin, the only thing that worked for me was Aveeno on my face (i used regular aveeno lotion, not the face lotion), and Alba lotion for my body. Nothing else did jack!
    Here is my warning/encouragement (purely from my experience and perspective so take what you will): it is absolutely terrifying all the ways pregnancy changes your body, and it will get much, much worse! Don't get discouraged if it takes your body time to recover (even though I lost the weight fast, my body felt foreign to me for a year after I had Aiden). You WILL recover, you will look great, and you will have a new confidence that makes it all worth it (oh yeah the baby makes it worth it too ;-).
    Sorry for the novel!

  2. It WILL get better. Second trimester was a big turn around for me, about 12-14 weeks and I felt better, more energized, wanted to do a ton of stuff and just perked up in general. Also it's reaffirming to see the changes in your body once you are able to see baby more and feel baby move.... makes it more real and worth it. Those things will pass and the things like skin issues might adjust to be entirely different by the time your second trimester hits. I had a bit of acne in the beginning but now I'd say my skin is the best it has been in a few years. You're going to be the cutest prego person!

  3. It will get better! The first is the worst because there's not a lot of physical ups to counter the downs. I found that entering the second trimester always brought things around as you actually look pregnant, energy usually rebounds, and the nastiness of morning sickness usually abates. Unfortunately I think it's the rare (and lucky) person who escapes pregnancy without stretchies, so no miracle suggestion on that front. My first left me with the majority of my stretch marks (from tummy to the back of my knees) and honestly I am used to them and don't really mind them. Good luck, and I hope things start looking brighter soon :)

  4. Gotta love the things hormones do to us!! I hope everything settles down for ya in the second trimester!! It's hard when your heads stuck in the toilet bowl, but keep thinking of everything you have to look forward too!! Stretchmarks suck, but you've gotta see them as kinda like your new battle scars, and whether they fade or not, you gotta appreciate the beauty in what they represent!! I didn't get them on my belly, but i got them in all random places like behind my knees/ my hips etc!! (I used bio oil, which faded them a wee bit) Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!! :)