Virtual Gender Reveal Party


So I have some pretty amazing ladies in my life. A lot of whom I've known since high school and stayed in touch with (because I just can't imagine my life without them!) despite being scattered across the country. So when my friend Meryl asked if she could throw me a "virtual gender reveal party" I said YES immediately. What could be more fun then a webcam session with a bunch of girls I hardly ever get to see anymore!

The virtual invites went out...

And six girls in six states and three time zones gathered for the big announcement. Everyone was instructed to wear the color of their guess.

Team BLUE consisted of: Courtney (Alabama), Sarah D (North Carolina), and Rachel (Washington)
Team PINK consisted of: Leah (Iowa)
Team YELLOW consisted of: Meryl (Colorado) who was rooting for twins, one of each

Sarah D was actually on the phone for the reveal because she forgot it was at 2pm and wasn't able to get it worked out in time. And John Paul joined us for a few minutes from work as well. :) It was really fun to see everyone all in one place! So thanks Meryl!

Despite the lack of popularity of google+ ---this feature is pretty amazing. I recommend it! It worked really well and was incredibly fun.

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  1. That is so fun. Congratulations! My second girl is due next month. ps- I found your blog via she breathes deeply and boy are you cute!