Hi, Again.


I been thinking about the blogs that I enjoy reading. The ones that I always read in their entirety despite length. They seem to be the ones by people who I find interesting or that I am just interested in what is going on in their lives. I am in constant thought, so I have a tendency to write things that are lengthy and heavy---aka "rants." Those posts have triggered good conversations in community settings and I can't say I'll ever stop.

But here I am. In a really new place in life and very separate from most of the people I grew to love through the years. I just want to write about where I am in life...my day to day, my feelings, my new experiences. Maybe some of my invisible friends from long ago are silently reading and feeling some small connection to me still, interested in my life as it is now. Maybe some invisible stranger is reading and connecting to someone they hardly know. I've feel both of those things often.

So, hi again.

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