Loverly Loverly Spring


Current location: Buffalo, N.Y.

Less than a year ago, I became an official New York resident. This is my city. Buffalo, N.Y.

No, not New York City, as most people assume when I say I live in New York. NYC is at least 6 hours away and an entire different world. No, Buffalo is on Lake Erie, just below Niagara Falls.

I think most people assume I've been displaced. A southern girl stranded in the snowy tundra that is Western New York when the sane people are moving to warmer places. And honestly, I never thought I'd leave North Carolina. But naturally, every city and town has it's own signature charm and local treasures. Buffalo feels like home in so many ways.

There are a lot of things and people I've grown to love here. There are a lot of things and people I miss.

But one of my favorite things about New York is just around the corner...


Every year, as spring slowly approaches, I find myself noticing how special spring is in New York. There's just something about it. There's a kindred spirit among your community...waiting...anticipating. You almost can't appreciate the spring in quite the same way, with the same intensity, when you don't have to wait through a cold snowy winter. You get used to the cold, and even appreciate the snow. But in NY you won't see the grass for 3-4 months. You won't get those occasional spring days in the middle of January and February. But then it happens... and suddenly EVERYONE is outside. There's this shared joy and celebration. People are outside, throwing frisbees, walking their dogs, talking to their neighbors, admiring the life that is emerging all around them...simultaneously.

It's one of the best feelings---a favorite New York feeling of mine that happens every year.

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