Untraditional: Nurseries


On my last untraditional post I talked about celebrating milestones untraditionally, specifically baby showers. Today I want to talk about something even more tangible: Nurseries.

If you are like me, you enjoy a good "design post." It's fun to see how creative people are decorating their homes and making them personal. At the end of the day design and decor are nonessentials and unless you have a design blog there's really no pressure to put pictures of your home on your blog. But who doesn't love daydreaming on pinterest? And a post that is pretty common to the pregnancy blog world is the nursery post.

"Nesting" and getting ready for baby is exciting and important. I really enjoy seeing what other moms and dads are doing. To be honest, when I see someone doing something untraditional and embracing it without any embarrassment...it makes my heart lighter. There shouldn't be pressure to have a perfect home, with the perfect 'pinnable" nursery. The important thing is doing what works for your family and creating a safe place where you can raise your child.

Parenthood doesn't always come at the most convenient time. Sometimes we plan and it takes longer than expected. Sometimes we're surprised because we had no plans at all. Sometimes we don't have as much saved up as we would like. Sometimes we're not in the house we want to be in. But that's okay. Honestly, there's never a perfect time to start a family. There will always be challenges no matter where you are in life, no matter how much preparation you do.

A lot of young families start off living in a 1 bedroom and can't afford to move up to 2 bedroom right away. But you still have to have baby space. I've seen some cute ideas on other blogs and I love to see how nursery space is being done.

Joanna Goddard featured this NYC "nursery in a closet" just this week:

This baby space is under a staircase:

This space is a "nook" in the parents bedroom:

Another under stairs/nook nursery:

Right now, John Paul and I are between apartments. Ideally we'll find something soon and I'll be able to have nursery space. I have a theme in mind that I'm excited to execute and if it turns out well I'll share it on here. But if we don't find something soon, I may have to start thinking about my own untraditional spaces...and that will be okay too.  Either way I want to do it in a way that is practical and fits our need. It's a space for our baby boy and no one else. :)


  1. You make a great point - there are lots of families out there who don't have the ideal space for a baby and make it work wonderfully.

    While we do have a second bedroom that we're turning into a nursery, we don't own our home and don't have as much cash saved as we wish we did. It's so easy to get caught up in thinking about those things... but who knows... if we had waited until we were older and more established, maybe we would have had issues getting pregnant? It's so true, there is never a "right" time to start a family.

  2. Okay, I must say I have seen some very uniquely built baby cribs and nurseries but your ideas have been the best so far. Great work.Thanks for sharing.