Summer Obsessions 2012


Summer has a way of lifting your spirits. You emerge out of a cold winter and into a season that is very full. The weather is nice, people are outside, all the best foods are in season and there's always something going on (festivals, cookouts, pool parties). Some summers I love things like the smell of the ocean, flip flops, and beach dresses. This summer is a little different since I'm not really traveling and have no desire to dawn a swim suit. But, it's still summer! Here are some of my Summer 2012 obsessions.

Outdoor Events/Concerts

We haven't been to any major festivals yet this year (like say Taste of Buffalo, Shakespeare in Delaware Park or Thursday at the Harbor) but we have spent some time at the family campground and of course we saw fireworks yesterday with the family at the University of Buffalo.

Nude Colors


Nails, shoes, make-up, you name it. I'm a little behind on this trend (because I honestly didn't like it when it first started popping up) but now I'm obsessed with it. This fascination has not been acted upon since I'm trying to keep my consumerism in check...but man do I love this color for summer.

Local Farmers

Strawberries, Peaches, & Cantelope. The trifecta of summer fruits. So sweet and easily accessible all summer long.

Summer Salads / Cook-outs

Pasta, potato, bean, fruit, veggie...I love all summer salads with fresh ingredients. I also love cooking out on the grill. That smokey charred flavor mixed with my husband doing the cooking? Awesome.

Superhero Movies

We generally always see a lot of movies in the summer, but this year has been full of good superhero movies. Avengers, Spiderman,'s a good year for comic book fans.


  1. love it alll! i heard ingrid is coming to the harbor but we are going to be out of town then boo

  2. I LOVE nude colors as well, and have definately tried to keep consumerism in check by not buying every pair of nude heels I see! :) And the fresh fruits & salads...actually your whole list rocks:-)