Two Year Anniversary


Tuesday was my two year anniversary. Last year I was much more post happy, but this year I didn't have the time since we took an anniversary trip mid-week to Canada to celebrate. We spent a day at the Toronto Zoo (highlight---husband touching a shark! he's slightly phobic) and ended out the trip on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Here's some pictures from the trip and the week:

(I got John Paul some very important items for the fall football season.)

My summer blog dreams are coming true thanks so some lovely ladies in my life. :)

Oh and by the way...
Only 2 months to go!

This pregnancy is flying by. It was good to get away for one last trip before becoming parents but honestly I feel so unattractive right now so it was really hard to get into the romantic mood that is suppose to accompany your anniversary. Still, it was a great trip. Restful and fun. I am lucky to have a husband like John Paul. We are so similar when it comes to the things we enjoy (like food and shark petting). We also had a chance to talk a lot about all the changes happening in our life. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the changes and unknowns. I think we're both nervous and excited about becoming parents and it felt good to talk about that and just be together. I know alone time is going to be coveted in a couple of months. 

So all in all, a really great week. I am still very in love with my husband. Next anniversary we will have 10 month old in our pictures! :)

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