Hello July


(This is a picture from high school of me and one of my favorite people, Meryl. She lives in Colorado now, but by a small miracle I get to see her tomorrow! which will kick off a July full of special visits.)

I honestly can't believe it is July. This summer is turning out to be a crazy busy one. It's a good thing there are 5 complete weekends in this particular July. John Paul and I look forward to multiple visits from friends and family as well as our one year anniversary. As everything unfolds, I will undoubtedly be sharing and documenting. 

July started with fireworks and tomorrow I get to spend some time with one of my favorite people whom  I rarely get to see: Meryl!

This weekend is our anniversary celebration. There is a mini photo shoot planned along with some local exploration. But most excitingly...there will be a guest post from a very attractive man...

But all in good time.

For today, I will just leave you with my current "to read" list.

My book shelf has a sizable stack of unread books both fiction and non, so I've ordered myself to not purchase anything new until I make some progress. However, there are three books that I am anxious to get my hands on as soon as possible. Erasing Hell by Francis Chan to add to the conversation that has dominated Christian circles this year, This is a Book by Demetri Martin because Demetri and I get along swimmingly when it comes to humor, and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll because it is a classic that I have never taken the time to read as of yet.

Until then...I will continue reading the books from my previous reading list and enjoy a month full of love and time shared.

Happy July Everyone

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