Instant Gratification


Have you ever gotten really irritated because your computer was being slow or a website was taking forever to load? 

Has it ever annoyed you to have to wait an extra 5 minutes for your french fries at your favorite fast food place? 

Have you ever been so sure you were going to marry the person you were dating and been angry when the relationship failed?

Have you ever impulsively bought a pair of shoes? 
(Because cmon, they'll only be around this season and you'll never be able to find them again!)

Have you ever been irritated when you needed to get ahold of someone and they aren't responding to your text or call fast enough?

I strongly believe that we are conditioned to expect instant gratification. Just look at the slogans you see in commercials. I can honestly say that I have experienced every single one of the above examples. And frankly, it's ridiculous.

Is it so hard to see that this attitude is at the core of a lot of our problems? Relationship problems, health issues, addictions, debt...

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