Blackout: SOPA & PIPA


What implications would the passing of SOPA and PIPA have on this blog and others? Would it be subject to censorship because of potential copyright violations even if the "borrowed content" was sourced?

I actually don't know how it would effect bloggers, or if it really even would. I do know how it would effect a lot of the tools I use (wikipedia, google, facebook) and businesses small and large. From what I know about both pieces of legislation, they would be a step in the wrong direction and have implications that no one is ready for.

What really bothers me is that despite major opposition, it's passable. I'm not a supporter of bending to the people at the sacrifice of personal liberties. No matter how small your minority, your rights should be protected so far as they aren't violating the rights of others. But in this case, we're talking about a piece of legislation that has the potential to take away personal rights and liberties---and the opposition is significant.

If Congress and the House ignore the overwhelming amount of opposition to this bill, something is seriously wrong. They're suppose to be representing the rights of the people in their districts. Not only does this violate those rights, it would be blatantly ignoring the voices of thousands of people and business owners.

If you use the internet, this legislation is worth looking into. Google, Wikipedia, and Post Secret are all participating in the black out today. Those are good places to start.

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