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Christmas is quickly approaching. I've never been the sort to post a lot about holidays. I don't have any extreme feelings towards them such as unquenchable love or dire hatred. I'm fairly neutral---content to find the good and enjoyment in each holiday, but not particularly disappointed if things don't turn out a specific way.

However, this Christmas is the first Christmas ever where I'm not going home for the holiday and that has spurred a lot of sentimental feelings and thought about the traditions and meaning that comes with our countries most popular holiday.

I also have some interesting holiday stories this year. So for the next few days I'm going to be doing a series of "holiday posts" sharing those stories, some traditions from my family, and some thoughts I'm having this year.

For today, I'll just share some pictures from my last few Christmases...oh how time changes things. :)

 Last year when we went down for Christmas there was snow in Virginia!
Our first Christmas as a married couple.

For some reason I couldn't find any pictures from Christmas 2009???

 Family Christmas Photos 2008
(Loved my brown hair, haven't been able to get it the same shade of brown since)
Family Christmas Pictures 2007
The individual families shots---I was the only unmarried Gravely sibling at the time and I was single so this is the resulting picture.

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