Tiny Photographers


This is my ten year old niece Phoebe who has recently taken a liking to photography. (Cute right?!)

I was not much older than her when I discovered photography. I think I may have stolen the idea from my best friend Rachel but it's hard to say who did things first since we almost always copied each other at that age. (Pretty sure she was first on this one though.) After much begging, I found myself with a decent camera and 2 lenses by Christmas.

I love photography in general but for me it was a hobby. I liked taking pictures of nature/art but once my mom tried to get me to start taking pictures for family events I bailed. I had no desire to take pictures of people or always be behind the camera when I wanted to be participating. I knew that I wasn't a "photographer". I had shaky hands and a taste for the sort of picture taking that doesn't make money. It was never intended to be a career.

Sometimes it makes me a little sad that this art form (unlike most others) is so easily accessible to the lay person. Don't get me wrong, I know some amazing up and coming photographers, but overall the business is over saturated. Nowadays, it seems like anyone who has a camera thinks they're a professional and that they have a right to do it full time as a career. I have my doubts about that...

...but still, it's a beautiful art form isn't it?

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