Occupy Facebook or Don't


I feel like I spend a lot of time annoyed and discouraged because of the climate of the culture we live in. The climate I'm talking about is the ability to share an opinion on a platform to hundreds and the constant bombardment of endless information right at our finger tips. It's also the fact that no matter how educated you are, we live in a society that values disent and individuality. 

For example, Facebook---the ultimate social media platform at this moment in time. The place where people cannot STAND to not share their opinion about EVERYTHING that happens in the world.

I'm not saying there aren't benefits to having access to information or benefits from having Facebook and social media, but I am surveying some of the damage. 

Awhile back I decided that if something blew up on facebook, I would make an effort not to acknowledge it in anyway. I decided this because of a trend I saw and often participated in. Since the current "event" is Occupy Wall Street, I'll use this as an example.

Step 1. - Event Occurs that Gets a National Response

Occupy Wall Street Starts and eventually floods to social media. Everyone is outraged, people start posting their support. References to Robinhood and V for Vendetta begin.

Step 2. - Someone Posts a Counter Response in Response to All the Support Shown on Facebook

This is the counter that calls out the protesters for the flaws in their stance. Because many of the poor in our country are lazy and feel entitled to handouts which is not fair to people who worked for their money. Because we have the freedom in our country to work hard---that's the American Dream. And because most people hate the people with the money because they want it themselves and think they deserve it.  

Everyone smiles and smirks in approval...good point here...that'll show 'em.

Step 3. The Counter Response to the Counter Response

Someone points out the flaws in the first response. States how they don't understand the real issues, how hard workers are getting screwed over because of things like fraud and greed, things that are in fact illegal in some cases. Everyone reads it and goes...oh okay that makes sense. Person one clearly was not well informed.

Step 4. The Counter Response to the Counter Response of the First Counter Response

Someone points out that no matter how poor we are in America we're still the wealthiest people in the world. Maybe they elude to the fact that most people in the U.S. who are "poor" or under the poverty level still own tv's and have running water. Then they bring up the fact that even the homeless have places to go (charities, homeless shelters) for food, and that if worse came to worse they could steal because there is food to be had. Meanwhile in third world countries, there isn't even clean water if there is water at all. 

Hmm. Perspective. Clearly neither group has a grasp on the big picture...this will make them both feel stupid!

Step 5. Responses Start to Emerge to Point Out How Everyone Arguing is Really Apathetic

No matter what your point of view, you're really not doing anything but talking so what good are you? I am going to point that out and make you all feel stupid.

Step 6. Jokes Responses Begin

People start making jokes about the situation to further demonstrate how ridiculous we all our and both sides are not fully in the right. Plus it gets some laughs which gives you affirmation without you ever having to take a side.

It doesn't matter what the situation is, serious or not. Whether it's Steve Jobs death (We love him, what a loss! Why he wasn't really a good man let me tell you why. "Something funny about Steve Jobs"), Charlie Sheen's fall from grace, Kanye's VMA debacle, a natural disaster, or a political outrage---IT DOESNT REALLY MATTER. 

We all get to have an opinion made public. No real conversations are had---just passive agressive, predictable, trendy, back and forth that eventually fizzles out until the next big thing happens.

People can't seem to STAND not giving their opinion.
Other people can't seem to STAND to let any opinion go unchallenged.
Still others can't stand to let anything get too serious since it's Facebook after all.

Perhaps there are benefits to all this faceless banter, but to me it's just depressing. Our relationships are more shallow, even intelligent people can be made to look stupid (no exceptions regardless of stance), and there is a serious and constant overload of information harassing our senses. And yes, even as I write this rant, I know that someone somewhere will have a logical critique of it.

In fact, I'll critique it myself. I'm sharing my opinion here...on social media no less...it reeks of hypocrisy doesn't it? And by not choosing a stance on the issue mentioned...well I'm just apathetic aren't I?

It's all so very predictable.


  1. my logical critique: this is awesome.

  2. I both agree and dissagree with you and that is the beauty of our country, because I have the power to do that, in a public forum.

    Also, you sort of inspired me to stop talking about how i feel about issues, and to get out there and do more about it instead.