Joyful Week Ahead


This should be a joyful week for the McLaughlin clan.

John Paul's brother and sister-in-law are expecting their fourth child any day now (gender tba) and since Hallie is past her due date we suspect a baby will be in her arms within the week. I'm pretty excited about having a new baby in town to love on.

This coming weekend also brings a McLaughlin wedding in Williamsburg VA. This means a three day work week for me and a family road trip (which may or may not involve renting a 12 passenger van). Not only will we be marrying off another sibling, but I will get to see my sisters in law who I haven't seen since August and my parents who I haven't seen since June.

All in all, I'm hoping that the joys overshadow any stress, worry, or drama that may come along with such a full week of milestones and events.

Lots and lots of transitions are happening within the family and also in my heart. There have been a lot of frustrations and challenges that come with all the change, but at the end of the day you can't ignore the obvious joy that comes at the end of each challenge.

Some small joys I've been experiencing lately:

Spending most of my weekend alone but content.
I never thought I'd see the day when spending most of a weekend in my apartment alone wasn't lonely. Not every weekend is so uneventful and this past weekend was the first in awhile that John Paul had to work everyday. But rather than feeling stir crazy and lonely I found contentment. Reading, cleaning, enjoying the quiet of my apartment and being able to get things done at my own pace. It was actually kind of great.

Accepting changes
Finally letting go and accepting the transition into a new place in life. It's freeing.

Buying books directly from a favorite author
 When authors have overstock (aka extra copies of their books from publishers that they need taken off their hands) it means cheaper prices and signed copies! Add in their secretary using the phrase "good gravy" in your e-mail correspondence and you've got a pretty giddy girl over here.

Being able to catch up on TV shows with my husband via Imac

Gift card dates that don't cost us a penny

Vitamins I look forward to taking everyday (who knew?)


Sharing in other peoples joy
Lastly, it's a very good day when you find that you can share in other peoples joy as if they were your own.

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