Cherishing the Simple Days


There are weeks that feel so overwhelmingly busy you would think I was a soccer mom. Keeping our commitments and obligations during the week is always a challenge after long days at work and we seem to have a lot of them. As of late, John Paul has been working particularly hard, lots of hours, and is dead tired when he gets home. This past week had a lot of "extra" things thrown in. Most of the extra was social and fun, but even so, it can get so busy that even fun things are exhausting can't it? We had some great time with friends we rarely see early in the week, then it was on to getting ready for a house guest for 3 days, filling in for sound at church followed by a bachelorette party, a wedding, family get togethers...Whew! And I even opted out of some outings! Some sleep was definitely missed. Needless to say, by the time Sunday arrived we were ready to relax. 

I love the simple days, but I think they are probably even more appreciated after a long hard week. Reading a book, dozing off on the couch, looking at the weekly post secrets, lunch dates in your pjs, drinking a cup of coffee, listening to the rain... you come to a point where you cherish each tiny pleasure.

In addition to the laziness and rain, we did venture out a bit.

Our Borders is finally taking it's turn closing so I decided I wanted to go comb the isles for deals. It was chaos. Everything was on sale and only loosely organized (no computer system to find things). It was heaven in that every book I've ever wanted seemed to be on sale, and hell in the fact that there was no way I could ever find or afford everything. At one point I had a stack of 20 books and was contemplating whether or not I should go ahead and do my Christmas shopping there since all the DVDs, CDs, toys, and gift sets were also on sale. I ended up walking out with two books, so all in all a pretty successful (and not excessive) trip. We also had a nice lunch date and time with family last night (my Cranium team totally dominated).

But the bulk of the day was spent reading and napping...which was lovely. John Paul even got to hit some golf balls with his brother and dad, a rare event.

Anytime it rains, or I have time to just sit in the quiet alone, I fall into a contemplative state. John Paul's younger siblings are off to college in a week, more friends are getting married and announcing pregnancies, and I find myself constantly thinking about this whole getting older business... All the more reason to enjoy the simple days and the quiet moments.


Oh and p.s. for those of you keeping me accountable about my August fitness goals---I've lost 10 pounds this month! Seriously, I was shocked, but I guess those small changes really did make a difference. It's pretty exciting motivation to set some bigger goals next month. :)

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