First Kisses and Tumblr


I broke down and got Tumblr. I've been avoiding it because I'm starting to feel like a social media slut, but I wanted to follow a couple friends who don't blog so I joined. Of course I can't just not use it so I've been posting here and there. My most recent post was a poem that I stumbled upon. It made me smile so I thought I'd share...

"Location, Location, Location" 
By: Gabriel Gadfly

I could have kissed you
under cherry blossoms,
pale petals drifting down
like the trees wanted to
pretend they could be

I could have kissed you
in the rain, drenched to
our bones and not even
caring that the skies
opened up above us
and tried to wash us out.

I could have kissed you
in a clearing in the most
secluded woods, with
just the sound of wind
rustling through the leaves
and a few voyeuristic
finches peeping at us.

Instead, I kissed you
in the parking lot of a
Waffle House, just shy
of 2 a.m. in the middle
of a hectic week, with
our waitress grinning
at us from the other
side of the window,
because, honestly,
how could I not?

First kisses are a funny thing. They only happen once in your relationship. They're shrouded in mystery and anticipation. Boys seem nervous about getting it right, and girls are nervous about it being everything they thought it would be. I think that's why I liked this poem. It's so real isn't it? It's rarely a page out of a romance novel, but this was more beautiful to me then the violins and roses.

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  1. I like this cuz it seems very fantastical but the last paragragh is so real and makes it even humorous. very cute baby :)