Solo Travels: North Carolina


Stranger on Airplane:
"Are you leaving home or going home?"

This past weekend I flew home solo to North Carolina for a short weekend with my family. 

This is the first trip I've ever taken home to NC where I was homesick for Buffalo. It was a strange new feeling. It probably had a little something to do with leaving my husband behind, but then again, it's not the first time I've taken the trip without him. Needless to say, I am absolutely emotionally drained after this weekend. So many feelings pulling at my heart in so many different directions. 

Here are the highlights:

These kiddos.
(I've missed them terribly)

The shock of walking into Phoebe's Bieber Shrine...

As cool as she is, she definitely has Bieber Fever. 
And this is just one corner of the Bieber covered bedroom. 

Of course, to balance this obsession is an extreme disapproval from her younger sister Chloe and cousin Noah.

Noah's joke for the weekend:

Noah: Knock Knock
Me: Whose there?
Noah: Justin Bieber
Me: Justin Bieber who?
Noah: Justin Biener is ugly and lame.

P.S. Chloe has a drumset, knows the basic beats and takes her drum sticks everywhere. Phoebe knows as many chords on guitar as I do and sang/played me Taylor Swift songs all weekend...she's better than I am and she's 9. I should be ashamed of myself. 

I think I take the musical talent in our family for granted. We have a special dynamic. Sunday, the "Family Band" was reunited to do worship at my brothers church where he is the worship leader.

Why yes, we can practice for 20 minutes and then play a flawless set.
(Every single person in this picture is a family member).

Acoustic/Lead Vocals: Matt (Brother)
Lead Guitar: Luc (Brother)
Drums: Julie (Sister in law)
Bass: Yours truly (it's been awhile...)
Background vocals: Mom
Hammered Dulcimer: Daddy

Sibling Love.

In addition to time with my favorite children and family, the fates must've aligned because I also got to see my best friends from home (none of whom live in the area anymore either) who all happened to be in town the exact same weekend. Thanks Leah, Rachel, Courtney and Sarah D for filling up my heart with encouragement and nostalgia. :)

Until next time, North Carolina...

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