August Caleb: Year One


I've done a pretty lousy job of documenting my first child's life so far. If I'm this bad with the first, I fear my subsequent children are doomed. Don't get me wrong, we have smart phones so there are pictures and videos of his first year, but I wish I'd done a better job at documenting the little things. Why oh why do I suck at journaling and scrap booking?!

Well, my baby boy is one. I recently reread through my birth story and I'm really glad I took the time to write it down. I hope I can keep that trend going with milestones in August's life.

I often feel like an infatuated teenager when I look at August. He's so ridiculously cute and sweet. He has this unique little personality that's almost adult-like. He's serious, but has the most infectious laugh. He's cautious but so friendly. His facial expressions kill me. He loves to talk, play, dance, sing, clap, point, wave, EAT, and run. He is a really good kid and brings so much joy to our life.

We love you, August Caleb. 

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