Bump: 14 Weeks


Second trimester, whoo hoo!!!!!

So everyone loves bump pictures. I was planning to start my bump pictures on Week 14. But to be honest, I don't really feel like I have a bump yet. Maybe if I poked my belly way out, but that doesn't feel authentic. For sure my body is changing and my belly feels bigger. I haven't gained more than a couple pounds since I got pregnant and yet I can't fit into my regular jeans anymore. I have one pair of non-maternity jeans that still fit, but they are all uncomfortable. Yesterday I invested in a belly band! It feels so weird to wear, but is amazing at the same time. I'm just not really big enough for maternity jeans yet.

I'm borrowing this little survey to include with my pictures from Matt and Kara Adopt because I think it'll be more fun to track things with a little extra info. Besides, I know my mom wants to know this stuff.

How far along: 14 Weeks
Baby's size: My weekly updates says the baby is the size of a lemon!
(3.4 inches 1.5 ounces on average)
Sleep: Pretty much the same as always...I've always been a light sleeper with occasional "uncomfortable nights" where I toss and turn so it's hard to gage if pregnancy has anything to do with those nights.
Maternity Clothes: My clothes are definitely starting to get too tight but I'm not big enough for most of the maternity jeans I have so I'm wearing a belly belt with my regular jeans and loose tops.
Food cravings: I'm not necessarily craving anything but I've developed aversions. Pretty much I want FRESH food. Processed food is starting to gross me out and I'm just not even interested in meat.
Food aversions: For awhile it was honey. Now it's meat and processed food. Frozen chicken nuggets? Not happening.
Symptoms I have: Yay second trimester! The constant nausea has dissipated over the last couple of weeks and now is almost gone. Oddly, I'm still throwing up (consistently once every over day is average) but the nausea will hit me just before and be gone afterward...so really...an improvement. Even my skin seems a little clearer. My energy is bouncing back too! The only "new" symptoms are the stretch marks. I'm dreading the serious stretching.
Doctor’s Appointment: Tomorrow! 
Movement: Not yet. 
Belly Button: Innie. (And I really like my belly button so I'm gonna be sad when it flips.)
Gender: We can pretty much find out anytime now, but we will probably wait until about 18 weeks to go for the gender reveal sonogram. Which isn't far off! I'll probably be scheduling that sonogram tomorrow!
What I’m looking forward to: Finding out what we're having so I can start planning, registering, etc. and feeling the baby move.
What I miss: The only "fun" part of trimester one was telling everyone and all the initial excitement! That has definitely tapered off.

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  1. I am going to have to change my vote that it will be a girl. Since you mentioned your aversion to meat. I couldn't even look at a commercial for any kind of meat the whole nine months with Michael. And Michael says he hopes you are not calling your baby a lemon before it has even been born. lol.