Scattered Thoughts


(The Roycroft Inn, mentioned below)

1. The closer we get to the election, the more I'm reminded how much I really hate talking about politics.

2. Taylor Swift, growing up?

Regardless of how you feel about her music, she's become a bit of an "innocence embodied" icon. In fact, I think her general awkwardness and the fact that she never seemed to go through the rebellious-I-need-to-explore-my-sexuality-phase that most young stars go through (cough Miley Cyrus cough) is what makes her kind of adorable. While other young stars are getting borderline trashy, she's embraced the whole innocence image. She's suddenly attained A-list status and can date big name actors and musicians, yet she still seems to be in a boy-crazy, average girl sort of place in life. I think this makes her relatable and real to a lot of people. Any time I've seen her perform, her attempts at being cool/sexy are laughable. I find myself saying "You just can't pull it off, Taylor." In fact, I hate when she wears red lip stick or performs without a guitar in her hand. In my opinion, she can't pull off either...she's not a singer, she's not a fashion icon. But, that's sort of why you can't hate her isn't it? She's so awkward and imperfect and that feels refreshing.

Whether or not this is genuine doesn't really matter. That's her imagine. Whether or not you like her or her music is irrelevant, she has gained superstar status.

So imagine my surprise when I saw her vogue photo shoot (via Heather's blog). Vogue is pretty gifted at taking stars to a fashion icon level in their shoots, but this Taylor shoot is downright impressive. She doesn't even look like herself. In fact in this picture I think she looks more like Heidi Klum, than Taylor.

Is this just an amazing shoot or is she growing up? She's looking older, not quite so much the little girl she's always been. Maybe she's becoming an adult and I just haven't noticed until now. I wonder what adult Taylor will be like...

3. Failed Hollywood Marriages

It's probably ridiculous to care about the rich and the famous or to follow their lives. We don't know them so why would we care when we hear bad news about divorces or death? For me, I think it's just the state of marriage in general, not the people involved. Whenever I hear about a new divorce, it makes me sad. It doesn't matter if I knew the couple or expected the marriage to fail, it's just the principle of the matter. It especially makes me sad when marriages fall apart that were either extremely short (did you even try to save it?) or very long (after a decade or two of marriage, now you're giving up?).  I really believe in marriage and I feel like the value of the institution is less than it's ever been. So many people are full of doubts about the whole business, so many marriages are following apart...I just find that sad, no matter who it is.

4. When I heard Burger King was going to start delivering, my first thought was: Why not Wendys?

5. I want this app. 

This past weekend, we celebrated a birthday with friends at the Roycroft Inn (which was super cute, had great food and included live jazz music. I'm discovering how adorable the town of East Aurora is, and I'm tempted to move there immediately). While there, I discovered I was the only person in our group that thought cage diving with sharks sounded AWESOME. I think I came off like a bit of a shark fanatic since I was defending them with all the Shark Week knowledge my brain has retained over the course of my life. 


Yeah, no real continuity to these thoughts, but this knowledge does come in handy when you're playing Trivial Pursuits or being attacked by a shark. So there's that. 

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  1. totally agree about t-swift! she's too cute and innocent. i hope she keeps it going.