Thoughts on Snow: Advent


Today was the first snowfall in Buffalo. By that I mean the first real snowfall. You know, the kind that sticks and lasts all day, not just the few flurries that are here one second and gone the next leaving no trace of their visit.

First, let me say how incredibly thankful I am. Starting back in October, I began worrying over the first snowfall. You  see, my car needed repairs and new tires. We're talking bald tires and an issue with the car that made it dangerous to drive in the rain, much less the snow. Snow season can start as early as October and I was constantly praying it would hold off just a few more days...or weeks...or months. After many delays, finally I have my car back with new tires as of yesterday. That's right, just in time. I'm kind of amazed that the timing was so perfect and thankful that the snow was kind enough to hold off until I was ready for it. I mean, it hasn't held off this long in oh...a hundred years according to the news this morning. Whew.

Now that my car is ready for winter, I'm okay with it's return. Seriously.

There seems to be this rumor circulating that I hate snow. That isn't true at all. I actually love snow. While I prefer the middle of the country where the weather is perfect, if I had to choose between the cold winters of New York and hot summers in Florida, I'd choose New York any day of the week. (My dislike of humidity is much stronger than my dislike of cold). Granted, I think you get used to the weather where ever you live, but I've always liked snow.

What I hate is driving on snow covered roads. I've gotten a lot better at driving in the snow, and it doesn't bother me at all when the roads's those storms where you can't see the road at all much less around you that make my heart pound. The storms never bothered me until I got a full time job that I had to drive to everyday---no matter what. But there can be snow on the ground or even in the air without it causing road issues and that sort of snow is fine by me. Better to have a constant fresh coat then deal with the dirty snow that never seems to melt until spring.

Todays snow fall is my favorite kind. The big quarter size snow flakes falling slowly and softly to the ground covering everything in a white blanket. It's the sort you want on Christmas. I remember maybe one white Christmas growing up in the South, but here, it's almost guarenteed. And there is something magical about that.

I love being snuggled up inside under a blanket with a cup of warm tea watching the snow fall. If I never had to drive in it, I would want it all the time. Sure by the Spring I'll be tired of the cold and there will be times all winter that I'm praying it doesn't snow so I don't have to get up and clean off my car. But I think you appreciate every season that much more when you're ready for the change.

It's advent season and the snow fits my mood. I'm ready to bake, watch Christmas movies, snuggle under blankets by a fire, drink warm beverages and pause and wonder at the beauty of living in a snow globe.

Hello, Winter.

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