A Letter from Phoebe


I've mentioned before that I exchange letters with my nieces pretty regularly. The most recent one I received from my oldest niece Phoebe made me laugh so I decided to share. This is a poor scan (the original is much more colorful) but I wanted to add my commentary...unfortunately that is my hand writing, not Phoebes. (sigh)

Gosh, I love her. :)


  1. Hahaha "Aunt Phoebe, Auntie Phoebe.... or Ms. Bieber" Hahahahha

    Ms. Bieber, totes.

    Shades of our Justin Timberlake obsession, much?

  2. Yes exactly...that's what I try to keep in mind and cut her some slack, haha.

  3. you do know i still fallow you lol

    i like that extra stuff you put on there

    and by the way it is toats not fair i need to know what my cousins name is lol