Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday


I don't do Black Friday. I'm not against those who do. I know a lot of people find it fun or worth the savings, but it's just not for me. It's not because of any deep philosophical reasoning, it just combines two of my least favorite things: getting up early & shopping in crowded stores.

I would probably enjoy staying up late or all night with friends (which sounds fun for unrelated reasons), but in general I just say no to shopping on Black Friday. I like shopping (and deals) as much as the next girl but if I prefer my stores neat and empty. (Grocery shopping on the weekend is also an activity I try to avoid). Plus if I have no money to spend, I don't really much enjoy window shopping.

Black Friday has been around for quite some time, but I don't remember Cyber Monday or Small Business Saturday ever happening before (or at least not being as publicized). I love the idea of Small Business Saturday but I have to admit, Cyber Monday won me over today.

I do a lot of online shopping already. It's the easiest and fastest way to find very specific things (and who doesn't love getting packages?). I wasn't really planning on shopping today, but I did have some specific Christmas gifts in mind so I figured I might as well go to their websites and see if they had any deals going on.


I had no idea that almost every major retailer really participates in Cyber Monday. And the deals are actually good! Why have I never done this before? Things I was already planning to purchase as Christmas gifts are suddenly all on sale and with free shipping no less!

So needless to say, while I may have skipped Black Friday, I have embraced Cyber Monday. No crowds, no getting up early, just saving money from the comfort of my desk chair.  The fact that all these stores feel obligated to offer some kind of deal today is pretty awesome. Ah peer pressure, you do have some positive qualities.

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