Nook vs. Kindle


I don't really like the idea of e-readers. When English majors were discussing the possible implications of electronic book reading and online publishing in college, I thought "surely that will never catch on." Admittedly, it wasn't a very forward thinking notion. If I'd given it any length of logical musing I would have probably concluded that it made sense as the next step in the world of literature.

The thing is---I like books. I like the books themselves. I think I like books even more than I like to read. I love the way they smell, the way they feel. I get sentimental about them. I want to have a library full of them. I like old books. I like the satisfaction I feel when I finish a book and put it back on my bookshelf with a creased spine (as evidence that I read it).

I loved libraries as a child but these days I prefer to purchase and build up my collection. Still for research, they are incredibly valuable and I hope the library system never falters despite the fact that I haven't been in one since graduation. (I intend to take my kids someday and hey, maybe there's a Masters degree in my future).

I love bookstores. As much as  I want to be the sort of person who finds local shops to support and knows the owner by name---I honestly love Barnes and Noble. I know I probably shouldn't...big business and all that, but I do. I like that they always have what I want. I like that they're huge and a little impersonal to be honest. Since the day I got my driver's license, B&N has been my solace. When I'm bored, when I'm down, when I need time to myself...I get lost there. I don't have to worry about talking to anyone or being noticed, I just lose myself. They're open late, they have a Starbucks inside, they do midnight releases, preorders, and discounts.

It would make more sense for me to buy used online probably, but I like to shop by feeling. I like to browse and walk out with something I hadn't expected to buy.

So the idea of an e-reader has never appealed to me. It's not that I think they'll ever completely replace print or have animosity towards them, I just want the real book. And I figured if I ever traveled Europe for months at a time and couldn't take all my books I'd just get an ipad and a nook app.

Yet, a few days ago I suddenly found that I wanted an e-reader. Why? Well...mostly because I have some guilty pleasures that I don't want to pay full price for or admit to reading. You know how when you're reading a book around other people and someone inevitably asks "What're you reading?" Well...I love that question if I'm reading something good that I want to discuss. It's perfect for Philosophy or Theology especially. But when the book I'm reading is a guilty pleasure...I dread the question. Add to that the desire to read in the dark on long car rides and the ability to purchase a book instantly if I don't have time to go out to the store...okay so I want one.

But which one?

Look, I know Kindle is better. Better screen (looks like paper), now comes in color, better features/quality, etc. But I still seem to want a Nook. I shop at B&N a lot so I'd get my discount (yes, I am a member) and avoid only being able to buy from Amazon. I find myself at B&N a lot (you can get free downloads of any book in the store for an hour a day---hello lunch break), and it's more aesthetically pleasing (yes I'm a girl and like to buy things based on how pretty they are). I want a Nook and the first editions are only $89 nowadays (and in color). Because lets face it, if I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on an e-reader I'd just get an ipad and be done with it.

So...onto my Christmas list it goes...

Don't judge me.


  1. hahaha. I know the feeling. And you are soo judged. ;-)

  2. I felt the exact same way you do and I ended up with a nook lol. I love it. The reasons for loving it are 1.) I have boxes of books everywhere, and I'm on limited space now. 2.) I have an 11 month daughter and I don't have the leisure of taking my time picking out a book anymore. 3.) I don't get nosy people peering at my book covers as much on my lunch break at work anymore lol. Plus the interactive books for kids are fun.