Newlywed Travels: New Orleans


Our most recent traveling adventure was to New Orleans, LA for a family wedding. I was ridiculously excited since I've never been to New Orleans before. It was a JAM PACKED trip with all the site seeing and wedding activities. Exhausting and fun. I got to do a lot of dressing up but somehow we neglected to ever take a picture of us dressed up. If I discover a picture or see the "official" wedding pictures anytime soon I will post a picture. Too much to recap but I can say that I love beignets, have a very large number of new cousins, and got to dance with my husband at the Ritz Carlton to an amazing jazz quartet playing Sinatra.

This summer has been so full of weddings and family events and they are not slowing down for Autumn. The next month holds many wedding activities for the next big wedding (John Paul's oldest sister), my birthday, traveling to celebrate that wedding in less than 4 weeks, and a new baby in the family!---All before Thanksgiving! Whew!

Alright, that's my update for today. I will leave you with our photobooth picture from the wedding in New Orleans. :)

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  1. Love NO. so glad you were able to go, it's such a fun and unique city.