Good Morning, Autumn


When Autumn comes
It doesn't ask
It just walks in where it left you last
And you never know when it starts
Until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart...

I love fall. Since I was little, October has always been my favorite month, but I think October in New York is different from October in North Carolina.

In North Carolina October brought the BEST, most perfect weather. There are things I like about summer but the heat and humidity are not on the list. Fall in NC is a cool, maybe even cold enough for a bonfire...but never more than a sweater is needed and during the day usually not even that. October in NC brought the fair  which meant fair food, night rides on the ferris wheel, romance and nostalgia. Fall meant warm beverages and soup for dinner, pumpkin carving, my birthday, leaves changing, and apple cider. Plus you can't beat the favorites were always bonfires and freshly raked leaves...

Fall weather (that perfect inbetween) lasts a lot longer in NC too...

In New York, September weather is more like my NC October. October here is a little cold for my taste, a reminder that winter is coming soon and that it could snow at any time starting this month. Still, it's a good month. I've discovered apple picking, fudge, cozy indoor days, crockpot stews, cute closed toed shoes, thick sweaters and the crispness you feel when you step outside (which never fails to smell like a bonfire). And hey, it's still my birthday this month!

In either state, there is one thing that I detest about October. Halloween. I know that some people love this holiday but I am just not one of them. Dressing up is fun, sure. And cute little kids trick or treating---adorable. But that doesn't really make up for the fact that every tv station I watch is over run with Halloween specials and movies (and commercials for movies)---I can't explain to you how much I hate scary movies and they're so hard to dodge in October. Plus I don't even eat candy that often so that's not really a redeeming factor. The whole concept for a holiday that focuses on scaring others and emulating evil in general just is not for me. No judgement to you if you like it, but it'll never be on my favorite holiday list.

Even with winter and Halloween taunting me, I still love fall. It will always be my favorite season. I love that period between hot and cold when I can bust out my favorite clothes and spend time outdoors without freezing or sweating. We've put away our A/C and I'm thinking about putting away my summer clothes...

But before I put away all the flip flops and bathing suits, I cannot forget that this week is our New Orleans trip and New Orleans is a steamy 85 degrees still. I can't explain to you how excited about this trip I am. So I guess I will put off Fall for one more week...

Happy "Almost Autumn" Everyone

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