Throw Away Your Television



I have been repeating in my head periodically all day, "Do NOT forget to watch TV tonight."

Odd you say? Shallow? A bit mental?

Here's the thing. I can't commit to TV shows. I've never been able to. TV is not a priority in my all.

I don't care about TV that much. My preference is to wait until the show is completely over and then watch all the seasons back to back over a couple days time.

Still...I like's nice background noise, it's nice to not know what's on and then find something you hadn't thought of, commercials provide bathroom or snack breaks, and if something major happens in the world I'll know right away. 

I think the fact that I don't really need TV and wouldn't miss it that much is healthy really. I would never plan my schedule around TV when it really is very unimportant (and nowadays you can catch up on Hulu if you miss an episode). But here's the thing...

Even when I really really like a show and WANT to watch it every week, I seem to never be able to remember to do it. The day comes, I get busy doing something else and I just forget about it entirely. I try and I fail. It sometimes takes me months to catch up once I'm behind. 

And now, Tuesday nights have two shows that I think I want to watch on the regular. I caught both the first episodes...this is my chance to prove myself---I can have a weekly show that I enjoy watching. 


P.s. I know that the title and post seem contradictory, but since it was a post about TV I figured I'd reference a song that I like. If you got the reference before you read this far---then you probably like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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  1. i really, REALLY wish i were a bit more like you. i commit to tv shows way too easily. right now i'm stuck on friday night lights, watching the dvds :(

    please stop on by..