Other Voices & Slowing Down


I've been noticing a lot of disillusionment with blogging lately among some of my favorite writers. Not so much the creative blogs (photography, food, crafting, etc), but rather the personal ones. The mommy blogs, the spiritual journey blogs, the emerging church blogs (among others)---these are the bloggers that are opening up there hearts and making themselves vulnerable by being honest about their feelings and opinions. 

And honestly, I've been feeling a little disillusioned myself. As encouraging as this blog is to me as an outlet for my thoughts and a door to connection with others...it can also get so discouraging. Criticism can feel like rejection, you risk writing for an audience rather than for yourself, or you can feel like you should or shouldn't be writing about certain things finding that you are being less open than you set out to be. After all, it's not a journal, other people do read it. And that is a funny little contradiction isn't it? It's an outlet for me---but I knowingly make it public because of the connection that creates with other people.

A tension seems to come up on a regular basis between wanting it to be private (quitting, making it truly personal, not opening myself to the possibility of getting hurt) and the fact that it has created a connection with others that has become very meaningful, sparked valuable conversations and maybe even inspired someone else now and then.

So. *deep breath* To get back to the heart of why I write, to the heart of honest thought and creating connections with others...I am going to be surrendering my blog to some other voices very soon. I'd like to bring some other perspectives to the conversation and to be honest, I also just want a breather because I need to refocus and to remember why I do this.

This doesn't mean I'm going to be silent or stop writing, but I want to slow down a bit. I want to be inspired again. I want to be inspired by other writers and I want to write my posts for the right reasons and not let worry become the filter for my thoughts. I just want to take time to breath and remember why honesty is so important to me and why connection matters for us all.

So if you notice a shift, a slowing, or wonder why there are suddenly other voices on the blog---that is why. Thank you all for sharing my heart and reading my thoughts.


  1. This is so great! Remember why you blog! I guess it is easy for me considering I have a few followers.... I don't worry as much.Have joy in the journey of your life and blog life....don't let others hold you back!

  2. You honestly can't blog for anybody but yourself though I can appreciate the difficulty of writing for an audience. All I can say is be daring and tell yourself and your readers the truth. Because whilst you love the connections you make with people, your blog is also a record of you. Your life, your thoughts, your experiences. And you want that to be a close to the truth as possible. I hope you work it out because I'm adding you to my reading list xx