Side Project: Currur Bell Reviews


If I could choose any job, it would probably be to get paid for writing reviews of either books, movies or music. I love all of the arts, but those three are probably my favorite and how I spend most of my free time. 

I've had a lot more of that free time (and the freedom to choose that I'm reading) since I graduated college. I sometimes clog up my blog with my thoughts on what I'm reading, watching or listening to. Well in an effort to get the long winded and opinionated reviews off my blog, and also just for fun, I started a side project. It's a blog solely for writing reviews of books, movies and music. 

It really is just for fun, so I'm not recruiting readers, but I know that I have a lot of friends who also love the arts so I wanted to share it so that you can participate if so desired. If you want to read, comment, OR post your own reviews, I would love for it to be a joint collaboration. So without further ado...

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