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This week we took a trip to Toronto, Canada with a couple friends of ours. Toronto is a fun city and pretty close by. John Paul and I went last fall for a weekend that included Casa Loma and a Yankees game. This trip came together after I bought concert tickets for John Paul. The show was on a Monday night so we decided to make a trip of it, stay overnight and spend the day in Toronto on Tuesday. 

We were joined by our friends Justin and Janelle, so it was a newlywed double date trip. :)

(This picture is from the Royal Ontario Museum)

By the way, this was a good museum. We spent, no lie, 6 hours in the museum. They had the best Dinosaur bone collection I've ever gotten to see in person as you can see by the scary T-Rex above.

(This was our vantage point at the show)

(I looked like a ghost compared to Jon's California tan)

Jon Foreman told me directly that there is in fact a new Fiction Family album completed and ready to be released. I'm pretty excited, I wasn't sure if they would do anything more together. this considered a leak of information???

This trip had a lot of wonderful ingredients: live music, good conversations, history, food, coffee, friends, exploration... Even just a weekend or an overnight trip to somewhere close by can be an adventure. This was also one of the first times I've traveled with just friends and I recommend it. We had two days full of great conversations about newlywed life and joint exploration of the city. Heres to more weekends (and mid-week trips haha) like these. :)

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