My Kids


I became an aunt for the first time at age 13 and I adore my nieces and nephews. They are like my kids. If anything ever happened to my older brothers and their wives, I'd take in these kids in a heartbeat. They are hilarious, smart, and talented. I love and miss them terribly. I hate being so far away from them. So okay, I can't help myself...let me brag a little about "my kids." :)

(Aren't they the cutest kids ever!)

My oldest brother Luc and his wife Julie have two girls. 

Phoebe is 9 (10 in August holy moly) and Chloe is 7. 
They're both smart. They're beautiful. They both have awesome taste in music. I'm serious...sure they love the cliche Disney channel stuff too but in addition to Justin Bieber they love bands like Copeland, go to Cool Hand Luke shows in Chuck Taylors and ear plugs and are trying to learn guitar and drums already. It probably helps that both their parents have spent a lot of time in bands. Phoebe has got some serious style. She's so trendy and cute I'm kinda jealous. They both have clever sarcastic humor already and along with their cousin Emili all have cute haircuts and brightly colored highlights in constantly varying colors. They're cool, there's no way around it.


The younger of my older brothers, Matt and his wife Ashli parented a girl and a boy. 
We were really nervous about not having a boy to carry on the family name until Noah came around.

Emili is 6 (7 in August) and Noah is 5.
Noah and Chloe share a birthday by the way.
Emili is at the top of her class and getting prettier by the second. She's a sweetheart. Noah is beyond hilarious, says "Weally Aunt NoNo" instead of "Really Aunt NoNo" and can play air guitar with a stage presence better than most 19 year old band members. His dad is a great guitar player but Noah gives him notes on the stances that are cool and uncool.

This video is old and poor quality, but it's the only video I have that gives a taste of Noah's performance skills. I never caught him doing the good stuff, haha. He's 3 here:


All four of these kids are hilarious, musical and end up in the local papers constantly, not even kidding. Adjusting to being far away is hard, but I get to see them in two weeks! Maybe someday we'll even live close to them again. Phoebe is dying for me to have a baby she can babysit, she loves babies. In the meantime, I've got 2 nephews, a niece and one on the way on John Paul's side to love up here. I have a feeling there's gonna be a whole lot more on his side too. Dozens even.

Whether mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, step parent, big brother, big sister or honorary stand in...
Love the kids you have.

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