We move to our new apartment in less than 3 weeks and my mind is full of design ideas. We never really decorated at our current apartment because we knew it was temporary. It still has a lot of our personality and the walls are far from bare, but at our new place we're crackin' open the paint cans and dreamin' up a home that will be unique to us.

I really want a place that feels like it's ours, something more permanent. But I'm hesitant to spend money on something non-essential and relatively unimportant. So, in order to satisfy my urge to decorate and stay in check with my conviction to be good stewards, we are trying to be creative, crafty, and thrifty.

I've been on design sites in search of inspiration, and I think I've got in my head what I want to do (I'll post pictures later if it's successful). In the process, I keep running across variations of these patchwork chairs that I absolutely love. We already got an amazing deal on a new (to us) couch and love seat so these aren't going to make it into our home, but I just think they're awesome so I had to share:

Oh and another chair I'd like to duplicate someday:

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