Snap back, Snap back, Here we go again...


I've never intended to be a health and fitness blogger. Although I have more knowledge on the subjects than many because of my upbringing, I don't have the credentials to write books about the subject and there are more than enough resources and health bloggers out there already. (I recently found one that I truly love---Summer Tomato).

But, as you may have noticed, periodically I start blogging about health and nutrition. The reason is pretty simple: accountability. I figure if I write out my goals and plans that will help me keep them. Further, if I do it somewhat publicly, then I'm on the hook to follow through with them.

There's some truth to this idea, but so far it hasn't worked for me. I've had so many false starts. I've had good 2-3 week stretches of doing better followed by weeks that undo all the progress. And truthfully I'm really frustrated. Yet no matter how fed up I get, I can't seem to make any lasting (read: permanent) changes.

I've been trying to identity the reasons why this pattern persists. Laziness is part of it. Lack of free time is part of it. Having lots of competing priorities is part of it. And probably more than anything...I'm completely wired towards instant gratification. Years of bad habits (doing what I want when I want to, buying what I want right when I want it, eating what I want when I want to) are not easily undone...physically, financially, spiritually or mentally. I definitely have the "right now" and "my way" mentality that is so pervasive in Western culture. (And I hate it).

I think I was on the right track with the baby steps thing. No matter how much I just want to jump into changes and get quick results, they never seem to stick. I get really fed up myself and exercise every day for 2 weeks but then I end up over tired and hating life. So, I stop. I honestly feel like I'm going to be forever starting and stopping. (Thus the post title from the Relient K song "Boomerang").

If I am going to have any chance at permanent, lasting changes I'm going to have to take things slowly enough that those changes become normal habits. I keep recalculating and trying new resources and I really hope that I'll find what works for me soon. If I ever actually achieve my goals I'll be sure to report back and let you know how I did it. Until then, it's time to work on my follow through.

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