Baby Steps: Impatience


John Paul and I are doing pretty good with making better choices, drinking tons of water, taking supplements, and we are even a week into a new exercise routine. Easing into this is going to mean longer lasting results (plus all the other reasons this will be healthy and more beneficial if we do it slowly) but sometimes I get impatient. It's summer, I want to be down to my goal weight right now!!! I don't want this to take weeks or months. Basically, I want instant gratification. I'm programmed by our "my way" culture. Reprogramming my brain is just as hard as getting my body into shape. In fact, fitness is probably mostly mental. Our attitude, our choices...they're crucial.

I'm already feeling healthier, and most days that's enough. But there's still going to be a lot of impatience and frustration along the way. Even baby steps aren't "easy."

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