Beauty in Risk


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I've always loved blogging and writing in general. But the culture of blogging (and culture in general) is changing and I've found it hard to make this space productive. I've also found that I've needed to be more "present" in my offline life as of late and putting blogging aside as enabled me to grow personally and in my relationships a great deal. It's funny because blogging started as a project that helped me grow personally and meet new people but as my audience grew, for whatever reason, that personal growth suffered. I still love the idea of blogging and I can't bring myself to shut this blog down. It's still nice to have a space to come to, even if it's only occasionally, and share what's going on in my head or my life. So I guess I'll keep it for now and see what this morphs into.

So perhaps a few new posts this week and next for old time sake? Then...who knows?

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