The Calm before the Storm (38 Weeks)


Everything is coming together. I knew that it would, but it feels good to see the pieces fall into place.

I am so thankful for all the things that have aleviated my anxieties over the past few weeks. There are still some unknowns (and probably always will be) but I feel at peace about everything and that was not the case a several weeks ago.

It's the calm before the storm I suppose. Now we wait... Chaos will ensue soon enough.

Seeing as friends of mine that I would say are in excellent physical shape have recently had babies and described labor as the most physically (and emotionally) difficult thing they've ever done...I should probably be terrified of labor. I've never truly been in good shape as far as physical activity goes. I'm that girl that got winded going up stairs long before she ever got pregnant. But I think most women get to a point in pregnancy when they just want to get it over with. Labor is temporary. Towards the end of pregnancy it feels like you might be pregnant forever.

My appointment at 37 weeks pretty much pushed me over into excited and ready. My attitude turned into 'Sure it's still August and this baby isn't expected to make his appearance until mid-September, but I'm full term and he is in position! Technically it can happen anytime.' I talked to my doctor for the first time about what the plan would be for delivery and for the first time left feeling like...alright...lets do this.

That was also the day we found out John Paul got a promotion with his company (timing could not be better), I finalized insurance plans, I finished the nursery...yeah everything just seemed to be falling into place.

Things haven't progressed since then though so time is moving slowly. On rough days (the ones where I have awful back pain or braxton hicks) I just want to be done. Other days, I feel pretty good and I think about all the things I need to get situated first, or how if he comes too early I will be back to work when my family visits rather than on maternity leave. Don't rush it, Noelle.

So that's where I am at. Trying not to rush, but definitely ready to get this baby into the world. I had my 38 week appointment a couple of days ago. Probably another 2 weeks to go. It's amazing how long and short two weeks can seem simultaneously.


  1. Ahhh I so clearly remember what you were going through! Exactly that- time felt SO long but at the same time SO short. It's the most clear time in my life that I've felt that way. Can't wait to hear about the last few weeks and your delivery. You'll be great!

  2. I've been following for a while, and I'm about 6 weeks behind you. Glad to see that you're feeling ready and positive. I hope I'm like that! Right now I'm ready to not be pregnant but still scared about actually having a baby.

  3. So glad things are coming together for you! I very clearly remember that feeling of just being done from a few months ago :) So excited for you!