Post-Mother's Day Thoughts


There was some debate going on yesterday about whether or not it was my "first" Mother's Day. I was leaning towards it not being, but I got a lot of "Happy Mothers Days!" and insistence that I was already mom. I guess that is true on some level.

I didn't actually spend the day thinking too much about motherhood. It was a busy day full of family activities and quiet reflection wasn't on the schedule. But today, after reading a lot of Mom posts and facebook statuses, I have been feeling very thankful for two of my biggest supporters in my life. My mom and my husband.

(I was trying to find a picture of just my mom and JP and this one popped up from our engagement party).

When you reach adulthood you realize your parents are human. Imperfect, flawed, mistake making humans. And sometimes that can drive you crazy. It's hard to seek guidance when you feel differently than they do. It's hard not to get angry when you think they're being selfish (and everyone knows parents aren't suppose to be selfish).

But you also start to realize they ways in which you are very lucky to have them and the ways in which they are pretty extraordinary.

When I think about my mom, I am very thankful for a mother who built me up and never spoke unkind words about me. She never tore me down in front of others or otherwise. She always encouraged me and made me feel confident. She was always on my side. She did all this without ever spoiling me or making me feel superior to others. I never felt any sense of entitlement or that I was better than anyone, and yet I didn't feel I was inferior either.

I have only recently realized how rare it can be to have parents who aren't constantly criticizing you or making you feel insignificant. I am so very thankful for that. My mom is a very beautiful lady and has never seemed to regret becoming a mother even for a second. I have every intention of calling her for advice constantly once this baby gets here.

I'm also very lucky to be entering the world of parenthood with my best friend. There are days when I just feel so incredibly thankful to be married to John Paul. I can't think of anyone I'd rather be sharing my life with. He's imperfect and flawed...but he's also wonderful, strong, and really really ridiculously good looking. I'm a lucky girl.

So I guess that is all my sentiment for now. Just feeling very thankful today for the people in my life. I'm not going to be doing this mom thing all by my lonesome and I'm VERY thankful for that. :)

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