John Paul's Birthday


Today we celebrated John Paul's 25th Birthday. We decided not to do anything big this year so I got him a small gift and baked him a cake. We also went to dinner with his family...and some friends he didn't know were coming until he got there (including some out-of-town-ers). It ended up being a little bigger than he expected, what can I say? I have a hard time doing a birthday with out some kind of surprise.

With the help of my friends Michelle and Lauren, we make this super fun cake:

John Paul is a truly wonderful man and I am so happy I married him. I consider this a pretty important birthday. If the first 25 years were spent growing up into the man he is today, the next 25 will be the prime time to accomplish all his dreams in life and I intend to be apart of every single one of them. :)

I never seem to stop learning things about my husband (and I hope this is always the case). It wasn't until the past two weeks, for instance, that I learned:

1. He talks in his sleep (or sleep walks? it's somewhere in between those two)
2. He doesn't like fresh mint but does like mint flavor

Then there are those things I already knew but have stayed the same since we got married:

John Paul is a man of integrity. The sort that works hard and is a team player on the job, believes in other people, and always assumes the best out of the everyone he encounters. He brings happiness and laughter wherever he goes and has the most amazing smile. And even when he makes mistakes, he doesn't try to justify them, he just takes responsibility for them.

Yet, even he changes or fails over the years to come---I love him with all my heart and always will. I believe in him and know that failures or mistakes may come, but he will always be my husband, always find his way back to himself and God.

Happy Birthday, my love.

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