Hair Plans & Opinions


I'm planning to get a haircut soon. This is the haircut I have in mind, only less bangs and without the crazy hairline or lack thereof. I've actually had something very similar to it before but that haircut feels like another person ago. Should I revive it? That haircut was also very brown whereas I'm feeling the blonde for this go round.

P.s. How crazy is it that this is Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch that Stole Christmas...remember her? I do...

At any rate...thoughts? I'm toying with what to do as far as color but I have to do something before our New Orleans wedding in 3 weeks. I'm thinking of staying blonde until winter and then maybe going dark again...or doing something fun that's not just highlights. If I had curly hair I would totally steal this...

Oh and this is what I have in mind for the wedding...only I don't think I can do it on my own. My french braiding skills (at least on my self) are seriously lacking. I've been watching tutorials but even as I see how it's done I doubt my ability to duplicate it. Unfortunately, since it's an out of town wedding, I won't be able to make an appointment to have it done and I also won't have anyone with me who could help.'s beautiful isn't it?

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