Stuff Kids Say


My oldest brother had my niece Phoebe when I was 13 and I totally embraced my new role as Aunt. Then came Chloe, Emili, and Noah (the last two belong to my other brother). I spent most of high school showing them off and taking them places. They are ridiculously cool kids with their style, guitar skills, musical tastes and sarcasm. I'm probably a little spoiled because other kids don't seem to be quite this cool. I miss being around for every important milestone and I'm so glad the oldest two came up to stay with us this summer.

Side note: Phoebe turns TEN tomorrow! Double digits, holy wow! It really is completely insane to me. She might be the same age I was when she was born when she gets a cousin outta us. That's just crazy. She's getting pretty impatient with us on the kid front, she loves babies and wants to babysit (too bad she lives 11 hours away). Oh and she reads my blog so HI PHOEBE! LOVE YOU!

For the past 10 years, half my conversations have been sharing things that the kids said with my friends. (See, it's not just for parents). Kids are just so stinkin hilarious without even trying! I always really wish that I had been writing down all the funny things they said that without fail always got a laugh.

Well I'm determined that when we have kids I'm going to write these things down. A quote journal or something!

Deanna from Delirious Rhapsody does a fairly regular post entitled "Gage Says" in which she documents all the things that her son Gage says. It's one of the posts I never miss because I always find myself laughing out loud, literally.

If you have kids who are hilarious (pretty much all kids), write down what they say!!! You're gonna forget them otherwise, no matter how memorable they are. You'll retain one or two gems in your brain for your wedding speech in 20 years but the bulk will be lost.


  1. you have officially got me in tears... it is crazy to see my kids grow up but to look at their lives in such amazing pictures... You have been an amazing aunt to our kids and i know that they all love their aunt nono...

  2. :) the "gage says" posts are ridiculously funny! definitely need to keep track of the stuff my kid says one day.