Fitness Update: Mid-August


In an effort to keep myself accountable, here's how have I been doing on my August Fitness goals.

August Fitness Goals

Naps limited to 10-15 min 
         (maybe I'll take one "long" nap on the weekend or something)
Gym 2 times during the week and 1 time on weekend 
         (can be replaced by other activity like DVD, hiking, etc.)
Smaller portions
Lots of water
No eating out during the week
Take a daily vitamin and Vitamin D

I've been doing pretty well on naps. I have been skipping the nap and going to bed earlier, or at most taking 10-15 min power naps. There have been a couple days where John Paul and I slept for 2 hours midday, but for the most part I'm doing much better. I'm also taking vitamins daily,  and eating smaller (usually healthier) portions. We didn't eat out mid-week all month until yesterday (oops) but this is a huge improvement for us (considering that eating out is our favorite activity). I'm not eating as healthy as I should because of money restraints, but it is improving. I'm also drinking a lot less soda. Because of all these tiny changes, I lost 2 lbs in the last two weeks. Not a lot, but at least it's going back the other direction since I was steadily adding a pound or two every few weeks before. 

My biggest failure has been with the gym. I've been once this month. Not exactly the 4-6 I was hoping for. This is probably the most important area I need to change and I feel like I should be able to just suck it up and go. But it's the last thing I want to do after working a full day and I'm realistic enough to know that I won't be able to motivate myself to sacrifice extra sleep in the morning to do it beforehand. Plus John Paul isn't really motivated to go with me right now because he's super active at work all day with his new job (He's lost 8 pounds this month just from that alone). On the positive side, I have been stretching a lot and that's very yoga-esque, right?

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  1. Have you tried pilates? It's really fun and it's great for flexibility and toning. That mixed with something cardio and the results are awesome. Also, when Aaron and I cut out eating out (it's really hard, we love eating out! we still do once a month-- and occasionally more) the money we saved allowed us to buy a lot more healthy food (even some organic) for the same amount were spending. Not to give you advice that I know is easier said than done, but it works!